Reflections from the Psalms

Psalm 93

The LORD reigns…”

~ Psalm 93:1a

This is a shorter psalm, but it is no less rich in truth and of benefit to us.  In your bible, this psalm is likely titled “The LORD Reigns”.  In Hebrew this is “Yahweh Malak”.   The word used for “reign” in verse 1 implies a completed action or an established condition.  God as LORD (Yahweh = “I AM”) has always reigned, is reigning now and will always reign over the universe and all of his creation.  The psalmist begins and ends using language of clothing/adorning.  God and his house are both covered (“robed” or “befit”) in majesty, strength and holiness.

In these 5 short verses, the author uses 4 different poetic triads.  These verbal ‘groups of three’ provide emphasis and clarity for the hearer/reader.

  1. We see in verse 1 the triad of “robed/robed/put on”.  This triad connects with “befits” (adorns) as found in verse 5.
  2. In verses 1 & 2, we see the triad of “established/established/everlasting”.  The meaning of the first term ‘established’ is that of something being measured, regulated, sure and reliable.  The second ‘established’ brings meaning of firm, fixed or eternal.  The last term “everlasting” indicates a timeless kingship. 
  3. Verse 3 presents a triad of “floods/floods/floods”.  In Jewish writing, and more broadly throughout the ancient near east, the terms of ‘floods/seas/many waters’ elicited ideas of swirling, surging, raging, overwhelming and uncontrollable chaos/power/evil OR turmoil, fear, instability, division.
  4. Verse 4 triples the use of “mightier/mightier/mighty”.  This verse overcomes the terror evoked from the previous verse, declaring the LORD’s superiority and power over it all!

Read, reread and reflect on your own this day on Psalm 93 and see our mighty, everlasting and forever trustworthy God.