Reflections from the Psalms

Psalm 99

Exalt the LORD our God; worship at his footstool! Holy is he!”

~ Psalm 99:5

All of God’s Word is timeless and fitting.  Perhaps this psalm will seem especially fitting considering the times we live in, the climate/culture around us, and even your own personal difficulties that you may be walking through. 

What a succinct and comforting reminder the Holy Spirit has provided for us in these 9 verses.  With both an eternal and temporal perspective.  God is on his throne, never to be removed, never to be shaken, never to do anything but righteousness and justice.  Our God is King (v.4).  “Holy is he!” (v.3,5,9).  He is a listening, answering, speaking God (v.6-7).  He is a forgiving and avenging God (v.8).

As life gets you down, distracted or defeated, let the Word of God be fitly spoken to you as it does from this psalm.  Rather than tremble before the world, tremble before the LORD who reigns and to whom all the world will treble. (v.1) 

Praise the great and awesome name of the LORD (v.3)!