Reflections from the Psalms

Psalm 100

Know that the LORD, he is God!”

~ Psalm 100:3a

Other than Psalm 23, is this not the most well-known and well-loved psalm?  I hope that whatever level of familiarity or fondness you have with this psalm does not deaden the power and effect of the truth found within.  These 5 verses should be the theme/motto/creed of all believers from all time.  It speaks and reminds us of our true identity (v.3), our source (v.3) and our purpose (v.1-2,4).  It provides instruction on how we are to behave and informs our interactions of worship to the LORD (v.1-4).  It proclaims the basic truths (v.3,5) that all people everywhere need to know, be confronted with and accept as true for themselves.

Although it does not specifically speak of the Messiah, our need of salvation or the forgiveness of sins provided in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for the established believer it facilitates the opportunity to share this gospel truth with any unbeliever we may encounter.  The stage is set, all you need to do is, in humble confidence, speak what you know and have experienced as true of God’s salvation in and through Jesus Christ the Messiah. 

God is the Creator, he is the only God, he is Good and he is Worthy of all praise (v.3).  We are his and therefore he is the one who sets the standard.  He is the Shepherd; we are the sheep.  He leads; we follow.  We have not and cannot meet the standard of his holiness; we all have sinned and have no hope on our own.  But because of his steadfast love and faithfulness (v.5), he has made a way.  He gave his one and only Son to die on the cross, bearing our shame and experiencing the full wrath of God for all our sin.  God accepted this sacrifice on our behalf and through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are offered forgiveness or sins, reconciliation of relationship with the Father and eternal life with him.  If we repent and believe, we are made new and can make a joyful noise (v.1), live a life of serving the LORD with gladness (v.2), giving thanks to him and blessing his Name (v.4). Memorize this psalm and recall it often!