Reflections from the Psalms

Psalm 105

Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!…Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice!”

~ Psalm 105:1,3

This psalm (along with 104, 106 and 107) is not accredited to any known author.  But because of the topics, themes and writing style, I would venture to say the same human author penned each one.  We, of course, know and believe that God through the Holy Spirit is the author of every word of Scripture.  Whoever the human author is, our hearts are directed to consider, to meditate on and to worship in light of God’s character and wonderous works.

In detail we see of God’s character that his name is holy (v.1, 3); he is a wonder-working God (v.2, 5); we are to seek him for his strength and presence (v.4); he is a miracle-worker (v.5); he is LORD and Judge (v.7); he is a faithful covenant-keeping God (v.8-11).

In detail we see of God’s works, that while he works in/through/with/by people (v.6, 17, 26-27, 42), he is the unseen sovereign hand at work in our lives (v.12-15), in all the affairs of the world (v.16-25) and in all creation (v.28-41).  Perhaps you can tend toward being a ‘control freak’ (like I can) but remember that God orchestrates details and affairs beyond our control or even our awareness.  Even what we think we are controlling is under his providence and direction.

Draw your attention to the final verses (v.42-45).  As this magnificent psalm concludes, the psalmist clearly states that the reason WHY God makes promises (v.9-10), keeps/remembers promises (v.8, 42) and chooses us (v.6, 43) is so that we would keep his statutes and observe his laws (v.45).  It is not because we have done so (kept statues and observed laws) that he chooses us or keeps his promises.  What a freedom and rest we have in the truth of this grace!  God’s favor is not dependent on my performance, but instead on Christ’s righteousness on my behalf.  He has secured God’s favor to me.  I cannot increase or diminish it.

Praise the LORD!