Reflections from the Psalms

Psalm 108

With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes.”

~ Psalm 108:13

The psalmist, David, leads the reader of this psalm through a 5-step progression.  He begins with an Invitation…to worship/“Awake!” (v.2).  He is inviting you (the reader), instruments of music (“harp and lyre”), musicians (implied since instruments do not play themselves), creation (“the dawn”) and himself (“My heart”/“I”)  to this worship. 

He then gives an Adoration…of who God is (v.4-6).  The God who is steadfast in love and faithfulness, so much so it is above the heavens (v.4).  The God who is exalted and whose glory is over all the earth (v.5)  The God who is the Deliverer and Savior and Answerer (v.6).

Next is a Recollection…of what God has said in the past (v.7-9).  David recalls the promises of God regarding the land and peoples, and of triumph over them.

Then comes an honest Revelation…of what he feels/perceive (v.10-11).  David reveals a competing emotion/experience within in heart.  He opened with the emotion of love and praise and adoration, but now reveals that his heart is full of doubt and despair, feeling rejected and abandoned.  Has your heart ever dared to be so bold before the LORD?

David then closes with a firm Declaration…of Truth…and of submitting himself to this Truth (v.12-13).  David’s heart could dare to be so bold before the LORD, because he knew the Truth and did not wander from it.  He found his final resting place back within the Truth of God.  He reminds himself, and us, that God truly is our help and any hope of salvation placed in man is vanity (useless, futile, empty).  He knows that God will “do valiantly” and all of God’s enemies will be trampled underfoot.

Here in this psalm, David provides a great model for how we can approach our LORD in prayer; both honestly engaging our heart and truly resting in Truth.