Reflections from the Psalms

Psalm 148

Praise the LORD!…Praise the LORD!”

~ Psalm 148:1a,14b

Psalm 148 is an unmistakable psalm of praise.  It is also unmistakable who is to give this praise (hosts of angels, sun/moon/stars, inanimate creation, all beasts/livestock/creeping things/birds, kings and all peoples, men and women, young and old); and to whom the praise is due (the LORD!).

The majesty of the LORD is above earth and heaven and he has provided a horn of salvation for his people (v.14). Jesus Christ is our horn of salvation.

God’s decree shall not pass away (v.6).  All of his creation fulfills his word (v.8).  All he has made is to praise his name, for his name alone is exalted (v.13).

He has made you, so praise and exalt his name today as you read Psalm 148.