Reflections from the Psalms

Psalm 8

O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

~ Psalm 8:9

What is majesty?  By definition it is royal power, dignity or beauty.  So then, things that are majestic display great dignity, grand superiority and the right to rule. 

What things do we typically call or consider majestic?  Mountains?  Sunsets?  A lion?  A palace?  The crescendo of a symphony?  It may not be wrong for us to do so, but it would be wrong if we failed to acknowledge the epitome of majesty. 

In this psalm, David begins and ends by rightly declaring the ultimate majesty of the name of the LORD (v.1,9).  And then he voices his bewilderment at how and why God has then crowned man with glory and honor and dominion (v.4-6).  God has created man in his image, to reflect his majesty.  May we never forget the privilege and blessing and duty of doing so.  And God forbid we ever try to rob him of his majesty.  May we forever be rightly humble and rightly grateful for the way in which he has created us and the station in which he has given us. It is through Christ that we can better reflect the majesty of the name of the LORD.

Of additional note, even in response to the cries of infants and babies, God will respond, establishing his strength, silencing all of his enemies and those seeking to avenge (v.2).  How much more (arguing from the lesser to the greater) will he not also respond to our cries, establish his strength and silence the enemy and those seeking to avenge?

Praise the majesty of the name of the LORD this day!