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January 15, 2023 - Sunday AM
Danny Capon
Danny Capon
Sunday, January 15, 2023

A Culture of Disciple-Making

Ephesians 4:1-10, 11-16

 The work of pastors is to equip the saints and the work of the saints is to receive their equipping and minister to each other.              

The local church’s predominant activity is concerned with everyone doing what Jesus intends for them to do and maturing to be like Christ.              

The ministry of the local church is the growth of the body which includes both the growth of every believer within it, and every believers participation with its growth.  

The work of the local church’s ministry is accomplished when the pastors and saints hold together with their Head and each other, and contribute properly what each one is supposed to contribute. 

In other words, the local church should have a disciple-making culture.      

There’s an emphasis on: (1) Jesus gives grace to everyone who’s a part of the body so they can contribute to the growth of the body; (2) everyone who’s a part of the body has a part to play in the growth of the body; (3) knowledge is foundational for the growth of the body; (4) teaching is a significant way the process of growth occurs within the body; (5) full spiritual formation to Jesus is the definition of maturity which is the goal of the growth of the body; (6) immaturity is how everyone begins and everyone is at a different stage of maturity in the process of growth, but everyone should keep seeking to grow up further; and, (7) the local church is the context for the growth of individual believers and a group of believers.       

So, a growing (local) church is a church (i.e. a group of believers) that is… (1) grateful (for Christ giving to each one), (2) knowledgeable (about Christ, the faith, each other), (3) maturing (to be like Christ in every way possible), (4) discerning (of unprofitable teaching and practices), (5) truthful (in motivation, practice, and speech), (6) loyal (or faithful to Christ and each other), and (7) contributing (doing what each part is supposed to do).