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March 12th, 2023 - Sunday AM
Danny Capon
Danny Capon
Sunday, March 12, 2023

ORIGINS: The Book of Genesis

The Beginning and Meaning of Everything that Matters

Genesis 1:24-27

No.6 | Creation - Day 6


 A Few Considerations Regarding Animal Life…  

- Genesis 1:20-25 represents the creation of all animal life, even though not all animal life we know is specifically listed—God doesn’t have to list everything in order to prove He made everything  

- Genesis 1:20-25 represents animal life in its broad functional categories, rather than humanly-constructed taxonomies—humanly-constructed taxonomies can be helpful but are not absolute  

- Genesis 1:20-25 represents the totality of animal life generally, without explaining the particulars of every living creature’s biology—it’s purpose is not to provide such explanations, nor to simply frustrate human observation (Job 38:39-39:30)  

- Genesis 1:20-25 represents, in actuality, the kinds of animal life present at the creation, which may or may not be still present today—we have no way of knowing how different then was from now  

- Genesis 1:20-25 represents God’s intentional plan for the ongoing reproduction of animal life along with His involvement in the process—kind is commanded to reproduce with its own kind, and reproduces after its own kind (Psalm 104:1-35) 

What does it mean that God made ‘them’ (‘man’) ‘male’ and ‘female’?  

-  God created two (genders/sexes).       

- He only created two (genders/sexes).       

- Every human is either one (gender/sex) or the other.       

- Which (gender/sex) a person is, is determined by God.       

- Each person’s (gender/sex) is what it is in relation to God’s design and command of reproduction (fruitful, multiply, fill).       

- Each person, regardless of which (gender/sex) they are, is equally human and thus equally made in God’s image.       

- You and I faithfully live-out the image of God in us, as each one of us embraces who He’s made us to be and functions in the world as He has designed us to according to who we are.