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Perhaps you have heard it said, “the Bible is not a science textbook.” When people make such a statement, they end up placing God’s Word in a category apart from science, thus making the argument that, “there is what science teaches, and then there is what the Bible teaches.” However, to put it more bluntly, what they end up revealing is that they believe God’s Word is inaccurate when compared to what science teaches us (rather than the other way around).

Yet as we learned through the “Science Testimony” on Sunday, the Bible and science are coterminous— they both operate in the same space rather than being two separate entities that oppose each other. Recall how (in the realm of science) secular scientists offer the Big Bang Theory as an explanation for the earth’s declining magnetic field, yet the model does not work for the other planets.  Contrast that with Christian scientists who, by using what God teaches us in His Word about the world (cf. 2 Peter 3:5), have created a model that not only accurately explains the earth’s magnetic field, but also the magnetic field (or lack thereof) of other planets.  

What this example helps us to see is that contrary to the belief of secular scientists, we can have confidence in the accuracy of the Bible, and that includes what God says in the book of Genesis. In actuality, the initial statement I shared, that “the Bible is not a science textbook,” is true; you will not find information such as about protons and electrons in the Bible! Yet, what Scripture says and teaches is consistent with what science can tell us about the world around us. Though the creation account of Genesis naturally lends itself to the discussion about science, consider how these chapters, and even the entirety of the book of Genesis, also connect to the study of history; if Scripture and science are coterminous, must not Scripture and history be as well?  

As we embark of this journey of origins through Genesis, I would encourage you (as I have been challenging myself!) to consider how God’s Word is applicable for all areas of life.  We have no reason to be afraid of asking such questions and having such discussions.   Let’s look to God’s Word together for accurate help for answers!