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In this past Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Danny challenged us to consider, “Why did Moses include what He did in Genesis 1 and not a summary statement like we see elsewhere?”  Just as God intentionally decided to create the world in six literal days rather than bring everything into existence at once, so too God was intentional in providing specific details for us about the creation week rather than a general statement that he did.  Near the end of the message, Pastor provided 3 reasons why Genesis gives us a rich description of the creation of the world. 

First, we see what sort of God created all things.  Secular scientists want us to believe that the world came into existence out of calamity and disorder.  However, Genesis teaches us that the universe was intelligently created by an orderly God, and this is reflected in the way Moses, under the inspiration of God, wrote Genesis.  As we journey through Genesis as a church family, I would encourage you to look for the ways Moses teaches us about the character of God through what is written.  I would love to hear from you the things you see and discuss them further with you!  

Second, through Genesis 1 we see what sort of work He enacted to create all things.  Each day of creation begins with “And God said,” but we also see God initiating, identifying, naming, establishing, mobilizing, and evaluating.  These actions form the foundation for our own work (reminding us that work is a good thing!), but they also teach us about our own identity and function.  Perhaps you have heard some say that humans and animals are equals, thus we must study animals to better understand ourselves.  While it is true that all things are equally made by God, mankind bears the unique position as being made in God’s image (see Day 6 of creation), which means we share a likeness to Him that no other creature has; therefore, if we truly want to better understand ourselves and the world around us, we must begin with a better study of God.  

Third, we see what sort of creation it is that He has created.  Much care and intentionality went into the formation of the world, and what God created is ultimately for His own glory.  This is a great encouragement as mankind continues to discover more about the world we live in.  Scientists may claim that they have found a way to prove the universe was made without God, yet we know the universe will always testify to its Creator!  Give God the glory due him as Creator from what is recorded in Genesis 1:1-13.  

Lastly, I would highly encourage you to look at the list of resources Pastor gave us in his introductory sermon on the book of Genesis and utilize one or two of them to learn even more. * you can find those resources in the Members section of our website or on the church app under ORIGINS: The book of Genesis, Feb 5, 2023