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Think, for a second, about your computer, phone, or whatever device you choose to read the Application After Thoughts on.  How are you actually seeing the words come up on the screen?  Well, there is a program that allows text to show up on a website or an app that this text was put into so it would show up for you in a certain place.  Okay, now think of how you actually see the words pop up on your device through the screen.  There are super-duper little, tiny lights called pixels that show red, blue, and green.  A certain combination of those lights at that scale brings to bear the picture on your screen, and as you scroll, the programming on your phone knows how to light up the little pixels to show up just so.  And even this explanation is an oversimplification. But this leads to my point…We take this programming for granted and the fact that there was a genius or geniuses behind it.  We use our devices every day, not even thinking about our devices working like this; the process is so complicated but yet still occurs.  Additionally, we don’t think about the fact that someone had to come up with the ideas in the first place!  I think we can end up doing the same with God’s Word…especially Genesis 1.  

Have you ever just sat and thought about how God created everything in six days and how the whole process worked?  For that matter, what about God creating and how everything came from nothing?  We learned this past Sunday of God’s creation of the inhabitants on days 4-6 for the habitats he created on days 1-3.  God is the definition of a genius.  He is the one who created the habitats first and then the inhabitants.  God is the one who thought of each habitat and each inhabitant.  These didn’t exist beforehand.  All of these things are purely out of the genius mind of God.  God created all of these to orchestrate correctly and work together for the good of creation.  God said it, and it happened.  We, as humans, can’t think of anything really unique.  It is all just inspiration from what God already created!  Planes come from the inspiration of birds.  Lights come from the inspiration of the sun and moon.  Arches come from the inspiration of what trees do with their branches.  On and on, things can be listed.   

Do you ever just sit in awe of God?  Do you ever revel in God’s creativity?  Can I encourage you to do so?  Let your mind be stirred by God’s genius creativity as detailed in Genesis 1 and pour out praise to him for his work!