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There once was a time before our postmodern era (the current era where man thinks truth is relative from person to person) when the meaning of art, in whatever form, had the meaning that the artist gave it.  This also gave insight into the artist themselves because the artist was trying to communicate something through the art.  

Man has the privileged position as God’s pinnacle art piece of creation.  The artist, our God, was trying to communicate something really special to His creation.  The “thing” He was trying to communicate to creation was Himself…through mankind.  We as mankind (contained within each individual) image, resemble, and represent God to creation.  We are not a direct one-for-one representation, especially considering that He is spirit and we are physical, but we do have the privilege of resembling in some respects.  These respects aren’t folded out entirely, but God leaves mystery for us to be in awe of and therefore walk humbly in this privileged position, not being elevated in pride.  

One of the privileged consequences (good not bad) of being in His image, as His representative for creation, is that we are blessed with the mandate to have dominion over all the earth.  This is not for our benefit but for God’s image to go forth and be further spread to all of His creation.  This is only the beginning of such a consideration, and I really am wanting to provoke your thinking on this by means of questions; questions that should provoke action from your thinking:

  • How do you view yourself in relation to God as His representative?
  • How does one represent God well?
  • How does He want to be represented?
  • Why does it matter that I represent Him?
  • How do I choose to represent myself rather than God’s intention for me in representing Him?