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Some AfterThoughts on Joseph:

Most of us will never find ourselves in a position anywhere near Joseph’s. While we may have dealt with betrayal, lies, and hatred, few (if any) of us have ever been sold or sent to prison by someone in our lives. Despite that fact though, I have found myself testing those that I perceived have wronged me. Usually, it is not akin to Joseph’s use of testing. Joseph was testing with an eye toward restoration. I have used testing as a means of “sticking it to the offender” so that they might feel bad. This ought not to be! God has graciously given us avenues for restoration with a brother (cf. Matthew 18). Most relational schism can be resolved with a humble and honest conversation. Check your motives if you find yourself using an avenue other than that.  I know I need to.

Some AfterThoughts on Joseph’s brothers:

I have worked in warehousing for several years now. One characteristic of warehouses is that they are dark and lacking in natural light. When I arrive at 5 AM, it is dark outside.  However, when I leave at 3 PM, it is full sun outside. My eyes hurt for a bit while getting used to the natural light. It is worth it though! I could not and should not dwell and remain in the warehouse. I need to come out into the light, even though it is painful.  Joseph’s brothers had walked in darkness for many years. All of that time their actions toward Joseph had weighed on their minds. It is not God’s desire that we live weighed down by our sins. Thankfully we can confess our sins, and God will forgive us of them (1 John 1:5-10). It may be painful to come out into the light, but it is what we are called to and it is always worth it!  What weighs on your mind? Bring it out into the light. God has also graciously given us a community that can help us come out into the light and to walk in it. Join me, and help me, in pressing into that blessing and enjoy the freedom of walking in the light!