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"Say to my soul, 'I am your salvation!' "

~ Psalm 35:3b


Many of David’s psalms address his experience with adversity and adversaries.  Psalm 35 is no different.

As believers today, we too are constantly confronted with various adversities and adversaries.  Although in different ways than David experienced, we too have those who contend with us and fight against us (v.1).  And more so in other countries, there are also those who pursue and seek the life of Christians (v.3-4).  Believers around the world often have evil devised against them (v.4), traps set for them (v.7), malicious (false) witnesses rise up (v.11), have evil repaid for good (v.12), receive mocking and rejoicing at our stumbling/calamity (v.15-16,26), are hated without cause (v.19) and have others magnify themselves against us (v.26). 

Christ has said we are to pick up our cross and follow him (Matthew 16:24).  He also said that if he was hated and persecuted than we should expect no less (John 15:18-25).  It is not the goal to necessarily avoid or escape from such circumstances but to be faithful through them…trusting the LORD for wisdom and faith.  And it is a good reminder that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).

Believer, God has said, “I am your salvation!” (v.3).  He is your deliverer (v.10) and vindicator (v.23-24).  The soul that is saved by the blood of Jesus Christ will rejoice in the LORD; exulting in his salvation (v.9).  If you are one who delights in the LORD’s righteousness, then shout for joy and be glad; saying forevermore, “Great is the LORD, who delights in the welfare of his servant!” (v.27). 

If you are in Christ, then you are his servant in whom he takes great delight and of whom he is very concerned.