Genesis 25: 1-34
February 4, 2024 - Sunday Worship Gathering

Digital Sermon Notes

Genesis 25:1-18 Abraham has more children, dies, and is buried by Isaac and Ishmael

vs. 1-6 Abraham has more children, and gives Isaac everything

vs. 7-11 Abraham dies, Isaac and Ishmael bury him, and God blesses Isaac

vs. 12-18 Ishmael is blessed with twelve sons, and moves away from Isaac

Genesis 25:19-34 Isaac is blessed with two sons, and both prove to be divisive

vs. 19-26 Isaac is blessed with two sons, and they are born in conflict

vs. 27-28 They both grow up, and are occupied in life differently

vs. 29-34 They both demonstrate their character, and prove God’s word true