Genesis 43
June 9, 2024 - Sunday Worship Gathering Sermon

Digital Sermon Notes

Genesis 43:1-34 (44:1-45:28) Jacob sends his sons to Egypt for food again, but they are treated differently by Joseph because they brought their brother, Benjamin.

43:1-15 Joseph’s brothers come to him to buy food again, but this time they bring them a present, double the money, and their youngest brother.

43:16-34 Joseph’s brothers are afraid when they are brought into his house, but are then amazed by his actions towards them.

God is able to reverse the fortunes of His people, out of the wealth of His kindness not their goodness. (cf. Romans 2:4)

God is able to withhold the consequences His people deserve, while granting them favor they don’t deserve. (cf. James 4:6)