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As we continue to embark on the journey through ‘origins’, it is important to know how we are going to approach the book of Genesis. At the tail end of the sermon this past Sunday, Pastor Danny explained just that! He explained four different ways that we are going to approach it. These four ways will also give us guiding questions that we can think through as we continue to embark on this journey.  

First, we approach Genesis as it is—the Bible, God’s Word. God’s Word is from Himself and did not originate from man. God had a specific purpose in giving mankind, and more specifically His people, this revelation. Therefore, it is sufficient for what He intends it to do.  

  • Do I trust that the book of Genesis is sufficient to provide what I need for life and godliness?

Second, we approach Genesis as interpreted carefully. Since it is God’s Word, we can’t make it say what we want it to say. We can’t come to the book of Genesis thinking to come away with what we want, but we can come to the text and draw out what God intended. It is important to see what God actually says and what God actually means.

  • Do I know how to come to the book of Genesis and come away with what God says?
  • If not, am I willing to learn?  

Third, we approach Genesis as history. If our God cannot lie (Titus 1:2), then the historical details that are recorded in the book are historically accurate. God’s intention was not to just include history, but it doesn’t mean that the details aren’t historically accurate. God intended to teach theology, about Himself, through these origins of history.

  • Do I trust that God is a God of truth?
  • How can I learn more about God through these origins of history?  

Fourth, we approach Genesis as a whole. Moses wrote this book thousands of years after the beginning of time; more specifically, following Israel’s exodus from Egypt. At that point, Israel could have been forgetting their identity as God’s people and their relation to God and creation. This book was to help form their identity, help them find meaning, and help them see who they were.

  • How does the book of Genesis help form my identity?
  • How does the book of Genesis help me find meaning?
  • How does the book of Genesis help me see who I am?