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"To you, O LORD, I cry, and to the Lord I plead for mercy."

~ Psalm 30:8


Psalm 30 contains more refrains similar to the rest of the book of Psalms.  Although David here, in verse 6, admits to ‘getting off track’ in arrogance when considering his prosperity (blessing from the LORD).  In a unique grace gift, the LORD ‘sets him straight’.  In verse 7, David says that God “hid [his] face” and therefore he was “dismayed”.  With his heart set right again, David cries to the LORD and pleads for mercy (v.8).  According to the LORD’s faithfulness (v.9), David was drawn up (v.1), healed (v.2), restored (v.3) and helped (v.10-11). 

From this, David is able to sing praise and give thanks (v.4,12).  Both in prosperity and in grief and hardship, we too can and must do likewise.  Let us not forget the LORD (Deut. 8:11; Judges 8:34; Luke 22:19).  He is our helper.  He is merciful and faithful.  I too am prone to ‘get off track’ and need to ‘be set straight’.  God disciplines those whom he loves (Hebrews 12:6).  Whatever glory we receive, whether by the grace of prosperity or the grace of discipline, it is for the praise and thanksgiving of God (v.12).  I do not know all that is going on in all of your lives, but I do know the God whom we serve and that he can and will lift you up(v.1,3), turn your mourning to dancing (v.11) and brings joy with the morning (v.5).