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"O God, you know my folly; the wrongs I have done are not hidden from you."

~ Psalm 69:5


This is a unique psalm of David, as it is a psalm of lament (v.1-12,19-21,29), a messianic psalm (4,7-9,19-21,26,29), a psalm of prayerful supplication (v.13-18), an imprecatory psalm (v.22-28), and a psalm of praise (v.30-36).  This psalm is often cited in the New Testament regarding Jesus as the Messiah.

This psalm is very relatable to us in our humanity.  David was just a man, a human, a fallen human; living in a fallen world of suffering.  We can relate to the words he pens all throughout; whether words of lament, supplication, cursing or praise.  Jesus too, came as a man, a human, the perfect human; living in a fallen world of suffering.  He too can relate to the words penned here; and if this is true, then Jesus can relate to you and me!  He came and lived in this world and experienced overwhelming floods of sorrow/suffering, times of waiting, hatred, attacks, ridicule, injustice, isolation, alienation, reproach, dishonor, betrayal and death; even death on a cross.

In so doing he took our reproaches upon himself; faithfully entrusting himself to God his Father.  That at the acceptable time God would answer, because of his steadfast love.  Yes, he would be delivered over to death, but God would deliver him from death; pouring out his indignation on his enemies and setting high his salvation upon him.  All this is to the praise and glory of God through the salvation of his people, those who love his name, humbly seek him and will dwell in Zion eternally.

Let us, now, praise the name of God with a song, magnifying him with thanksgiving; awaiting the day when we will join with all heaven and earth in praising him!