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Because of sin, being human and having human relationships hurts.  Because of sin, being God and having relationship with humans hurts.  Being made in the image of God, we have affections, feelings and emotions.  Because of sin, we all experience hurts never intended from those affections, feelings and emotions.  A day (not just a 24-hr period) is coming when this will no longer be true!  This is the hope and truth of the gospel.  This is the balm I must apply to the wounds of my soul.  This is the medicine I must provide to others for healing and restoration.

Sin has corrupted me through and through; this is total depravity.  There is not a part of me not corrupted by sin.  The blood of Christ has cleansed me through and through; this is salvation (propitiation, regeneration, justification, sanctification, glorification).  There is not a part of me not cleansed by the blood of Christ! 

I am often hurt by others.  I far more often hurt others.  I act outside of the truth of the gospel.  I speak outside the reality of the gospel.  I reason contrary to the logical implications of the gospel.  I do so to my own hurt and shame…layering hurt upon hurt.  This is not God’s desire or design.

By God “applying the gospel” and forgiving me through his Son Jesus Christ, I too can now further “apply the gospel” and forgive others.  I can entrust my hurts to God, knowing they are covered by his grace in Christ Jesus.  I can apply the healing balm/medicine of the gospel to my own soul and to the souls of others as well.  This is the means of reconciliation and restoration of relationship.

Our God is so steadfastly faithful, just and true!  If you have not yet acknowledged the hurt you have caused God by your sin, accept the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ this moment.  Confess your sin, repent and believe in Jesus alone for forgiveness and acceptance.  If you have already done so, do not fail to be faithful, just and true to others.  In humility, acknowledge the hurts you cause by your sin; confess, repent and believe in Jesus being your righteousness.  In humility, accept the confession and repentance of others in good faith and grant forgiveness in accord with how you have been forgiven by the Heavenly Father.

Let us strive together in this, loved ones.